Indiana Phoenix - Laugh At The Devil (2017)
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Indiana Phoenix - Laugh At The Devil (2017)

Artist: Indiana Phoenix
Title: Laugh At The Devil
Year Of Release: 2008/2017
Label: Self Released
Genre: Electric Blues, Blues Rock
Quality: 320 kbps
Total Time: 58:52
Total Size: 143 MB

1. Laugh At The Devil (4:37)
2. I Stand Beneath The Flag (3:48)
3. As Long As Its Blue (4:28)
4. Boogie On (3:05)
5. Heartbreaker (4:04)
6. I Know I Have To Let You Go (4:10)
7. Switchback (4:14)
8. Whip Me Beat Me Make Me Write Bad Cheques (4:19)
9. White Line Fever (4:50)
10. Working For A Living (5:17)
11. Close Your Eyes (5:54)
12. The Horn Shuffle (2:23)
13. Short Blokes Cause All The Strife (2:09)
14. The Great Race (5:27)

Indiana Phoenix is a high energy RnB band delivering intense original and cover tunes from the stable of Adelaide bands such as The Others and Terra Firma, this band continues to deliver rhythms developed in the 60s and 70s. It features the up front vocals and blues harmonica of Brian Cain, guitar and vocals of Ross Brennan and guitar and vocals of Peter Jenkins. The band is driven by the seasoned drums of Jim Judd and bass and vocals of Peter Nixon. Indiana Phoenix have studio albums 'Laugh at the Devil' 2007 and 'Downunder' 2009 mixed and mastered by German producer Andy Volk.

Indiana Phoenix - Laugh At The Devil (2017)



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