Why Does My Car Battery Keep Dying
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It will interfere with the capability of the motor to draw current from the battery and the capability of the charging system to top off the battery, if any corrosion is existing between your battery terminals and cable connectors.

Some of these problems are enough to kill a battery while some are coupled with a battery that is already feeble or on its last legs.

Another way to look at your battery is to use a tool. This tool puts a load on the battery which simulates the draw of a motor and enables you to see both the loaded and unloaded battery voltage. Parts stores and some shops will load test your battery should youn't have a load tester, while some will charge a fee.

One of the most frequent causes of a parasitic drain comprise glove compartment trunk, and lights that are on due to some type of malfunction. These and interior lighting are designed to shut off automatically, and if they fail to do so they are totally capable of draining a battery dead.

The Trouble with Assessing a Charging System. If you have a multimeter with an inductive clamp, you can technically check the output of the alternator, yet this type of diagnostic is difficult without a knowledge base and specialized tools pertaining to the particular alternator. For example, trying to examine an alternator while the engine is operating, by disconnecting a battery cable is not a good idea if you push a modern car or truck.

It's also extremely significant for the battery connections to be tight. If you realize that the battery wires are loose, there is a good chance you have located a part of your problem.

Maintaining and Testing a Auto Battery. Such as a dome light left on, then another point is the battery, if you don't see something obvious. A lot of battery problems can be headed off with basic upkeep, and a preserved battery won't hold a charge like it did when it was new.

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