Dungeons: Хранитель Подземелий [v. + 42DLC] (2011) PC | RePack
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Dungeons: Хранитель Подземелий [v. + 42DLC] (2011) PC | RePack

Вы, великий волшебник, избравший жизнь в уютном и далеком от мирской суеты подземном мире. В темных лабиринтах ваших владений обитают такие твари, один вид которых способен убить крестьянина на месте. Но именно они и есть ваши подлинные друзья и союзники. Ведь ваша бывшая подружка вас предала, и вы оказались на самом дне местной иерархии - в верхнем подземелье, куда табунами ходят охотники до чужого добра. А у вас - золотые жилы истощаются, наемные охранники дерут втридорога, да еще боссы гоняют туда-сюда с мелкими поручениями. Но у вас в рукаве еще не один туз про запас. Месть будет сладкой. Если никого не убил, не замучил - считай, день пропал зря.

Особенности игры:

? Приготовься к бою! Заманивай в свое подземелье героев 10 разных классов, где за ними будут рыскать во тьме 15 видов монстров.

? 20 непростых заданий потребуют от тебя крайнего коварства. Сможешь выполнить их и выжить – и тебя ждет режим свободной игры.

? В подземелье есть только одно направление - вниз. Завоюй три уровня подземного царства, уничтожь их боссов - и станешь единственным Хранителем!

? К твоим услугам - темницы и пыточные камеры, готовые принять пойманных тобой храбрых героев и высосать из них энергию душ.

? Создай подземелье своей мечты (которое будет сниться героям в кошмарах), в котором ты сможешь размещать до 50 разных объектов!

? Послушные гоблины, готовые к созданию очередного демонического произведения искусства, ждут твоих приказов!

Особенности Repacka:

Ничего не вырезано / не перекодировано

Сохранены оригинальные файлы (установка патчей и т.д.)

Версия игры + 42 DLC

Автор -Ultra-


February 10, 2011 - changelog for version 1.2

Important notice for the current patch:

To ensure smooth updating to Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0, please make sure that your operating system is up to date by using Windows Update.

New major features:

• Upgraded DUNGEONS to use Microsoft .NET 4.0 (lower memory footprint, faster startup).

• Modified graphic assets for Radeon R520 core compatibility (Radeon X1000 series).

• Switched to hlsl shaders for lower memory footprint.

• Added ribbonbands for all weapons.

• Improved shader effect quality for many game object surfaces (crystal, lava, water, invisibility, ...).

• ReturnToDungeonHeart spell now opens a portal that can be used to travel back. This will not work in old saved games however.

• Allow switching the game language in the in-game options.

New minor features and improvements:

• Goblins fetch their gold from a gold pile in throne room, not from the room-center.

• Shift-Click in attribute panel now increases an attribute by 10 points.

• Increased default autosave interval to 30 minutes.

• Dungeon displacement can now be deactivated in options.

• Rotating camera with right or middle mouse depends now on setting in options.

• Added low shader quality option for improved performance on less capable hardware.

• Allow selecting 720p resolution in options.

• Added configuration option to deactive build-after-teardown.

• Added buff loop animation for heroes.

• Tweaked several game textures to reduce memory footprint.

• Custom game: buy spawn credits with soul energy.

• Custom game: Hero entrances can have a "spawn now" button.

• Custom game: Increase or decrease hero level with soul energy.

• Heroes don't cast townportal if they didn't learn the spell yet.

• Enhanced GUI modding hooks.

• Improved memory monitoring, which can be disabled in config.

• Improved performance of displacement texture.

• Included more sound effects.

• Optimised some models, for improved rendering performance.

• Clip mouse cursor to game window in fullscreen mode, for multimonitor setups.

• Custom game list now shows the map type.

• Minor improvement of positions for all wall gimmicks in the sunken temple setting.

• Tweaked tooltips of campaign map challenges.

• Minor balancing improvements.


• Fixed several reported crashes.

• Various minor map fixes.

• Fixed tortured heroes not running away after being freed by the champion.

• Fixed Minos special attack spells.

• Fixed displacement bugs on GeForce 7XXX series cards in maps with multiple dungeon levels.

• Fixed: Sentries didn't stop moving when they died during patrol (sliding bodies).

• Fixed problem with Alt+Tab during startup and in campaign map.

• Fixed rare audio crash if audio device was lost during the game (e.g. unplugging audio cable).

• Repaired some challenges.

February 04, 2011 - changelog for version 1.1.2

• Fix: completely satisfied novice, mage and necromancer heroes can now use their townportal home without crashing the game.

• Language defaults to english if there is no available localization that is a better match for the user region setting of windows.

• Sidequest "water flowers" in Happy Hills: time limit of 5 seconds was completely removed as this was too short.

February 03, 2011 - changelog for version

• Memory usage monitoring doesn't impact performance on any systems anymore.

• Fixed crash (race condition) after losing a map.

• Subquest fixed: Flowers in "Happy Hills" can now be watered.

• Updated English localization for survival maps.

• Made sure some campaign map resources are properly unloaded.

• Added config option to supress resource unloading during pre-game.

• Fixed crash when dungeon heart was selected and destroyed.

• Fixed object detail gui showing invalid objects.

• Prevent problems with area of influence display.

• Fixed rare crash if sound is played on non-existant object.

• Fixed crash if tooltip is shown during sequence.

• Fixed crash following a highly unlikely sequence of mouse clicks.

• Repaired incorrect French number group seperator.

• Fail quickly if something goes wrong during video playback.

• Play videos even if there is no sound device.

• First frames of first intro video are now shown.

• Fixed outdated framebuffer background being shown between videos.

• Fixed video borders that weren't cleared properly on some OS.

January 28, 2011 – changelog for version

Important notes:

• Savegames that were created with DUNGEONS version 1.0 may become incompatible due to the large number of changes in this update. However, DUNGEONS will always be able to load your campaign progress. The worst that can therefore happen is that you need to re-play your last mission.

• Distribution of skill and attribute points for the campaign missions was revised and you now receive more points for most quests. The game will retroactively make those additional points available to you if you load a savegame created in version 1.0. You thus don't need to restart the campaign to take advantage of this change.

New Features:

• Game speed acceleration (double speed) integrated (Hotkey F3/F4).

• Configurable keyboard layout integrated into Options.

• Mr. Sidekick will now be animated when speaking.

• New skills in the building tree: Pessimism and Invisibility.

• New skill in the attack tree: Roundkick

• Auto-saves can be hidden in the Save/Load screen.

• Magicians can discover new spells when reading in the library, which they can then use for attacking.

• Interaction buttons for captive heroes are now also displayed in the Hero Overview.

• Cool downs are now also displayed in the Magic Book.

• Player is notified when heroes are killed by a trap.

• Camera movement made generally smoother.

• Icon for the guard is now displayed in the mini-map.

Balancing / Gameplay:

• The skill "Improved Guard" was shifted to the Building Tree.

• Chests, which can be collected and which give the player resources, are distributed throughout the missions.

• Prestige buff maximum increased to 400%.

• The combat values of many monsters and heroes were adjusted.

• Skill points and attribute points for quests were increased and redistributed.

• Time limit for quests was increased.

• Enemy avatars have been weakened somewhat.

• The spells "Improved Aura" and "Fire Aura" now have the correct spell power.

• The costs for the guard were adjusted.

• Guard can no longer be summoned directly after its death, but instead has a cool down period.

• Bonus for heroes visiting an armoury increased.

• Level of difficulty now additionally determines how much soul energy is abstracted when heroes aren’t struck down by the avatar.

• Enemy Dungeon Lords now favour priests and have slightly increased damage against heroes and champions.

Maps in General:

• Error with the acquisition of skill and attribute points between the maps fixed.

• Marthas can no longer be "deleted".

Specific Maps:

• Tutorial: Magic book is now made available when the player reaches a particular point in the level.

• Crystal Throne: fire traps cannot be crossed over anymore.

• Pleasant Creek : all quests are now correctly displayed in the Quest Book.

• Happy Hills: "Grave Maintenance" mission revised.

• Sleepy Manor: deion for hidden chests added.

• Cuddleton: escaped groups of thieves are counted correctly.

• Cuddleton: quantity of groups of thieves was reduced and there are shorter gaps between them .

• Cuddleton: fewer thieves per group.

• Neverevil Mountain: maximum monster level reduced from 31 to 23.

• Volcano of Terror: map size reduced.

• Volcano of Terror: more prestige required to open the stairway and spawning behaviour of the local monsters improved.

• Volcano of Terror: monsters no longer attack Marthas on the stairway when he is hiding there.

• Volcano of Terror: lost goblins are displayed on the map.

• Volcano of Terror: new cutscene at Marthas’ death and at the spawning of a wave of monsters.

• Volcano of Terror: new sequence at Marthas’ death.

• Snowdrop: new sequence at the enemy’s attack.

• Snowdrop: Volbar now only inflicts half as much damage on the Dungeon Lord and doesn’t follow him further than 5-10 fields.

• Snowdrop: the combat arena can now only be dug up after completing the side quest. The fire angel is healed after the fire angel quest. Volbar no longer has any spells.

• Hug Hills: new side quests "Chaos and Destruction" and "Pocket Money".

• Hug Hills: Marthas returns to the throne room when the avatar dies or teleports back there (if the gate has previously been opened).

• Hug Hills: the mission now ends at Marthas’ death.

• Hug Hills: the sequence at the back gate of the church is no longer played twice.

• Twittervale: fewer frogs are now required to arrive undamaged for the completion of the main quest.

• Pleasantview: attack sequences are now displayed.

• Pleasantview: hero progression slowed.

• Pleasantview: Marthas is now displayed on the mini-map as an enemy Dungeon Lord.

• Pleasantview: Additional heroes’ entrances integrated for the player.

• Pleasantview: Enemy Dungeon Lords now also attack with monsters.


• Nicer floor wall tranision for all walls of the Sunken Temple.

• Modelled variations for granite surfaces in all maps.

• Cyrillic and Eastern European characters included in the font map.

• Normal map of the city gate in Hug Hills mission fixed.

• Various optimizations to the particle effects.

• Error with the navigation meshes of the heroes’ entrance in the "Catacombs" and "Sunken Temple" levels fixed.

Allgemeine Bugfixes:

• Game stability improved.

• The problem that in some cases caused a victorious mission to not be continued following the loading of a saved game was fixed.

• Memory leak fixed.

• Camera no longer causes a clipping error while the player is under the influence of the spell "Through the eyes of the Lord".

• Upon the death of the Dungeon Lord, the spell "Through the eyes of the Lord" is automatically cancelled.

• Scrolls are saved to a profile and carried over to the next level.

• Game progress in a profile no longer disappears after you lose a loaded map.

• Cool down for scrolls is displayed correctly.

• Objects are no longer incorrectly selected by sequences.

• Achievements of the type "no more than x heroes in prison" now work.

• Game statistics now correctly indicate the number of escaped heroes.

• The number of slime monsters to be escorted is now correctly displayed in the English language.

• Challenges are correctly displayed at the beginning of maps.

• Rewards are displayed in the correct quest entry.

• Goblins now correctly replenish treasures, even if heroes are simultaneously helping themselves to them.

• Now multiple texts spoken by a character can no longer be played in mix up.

• Population limit with four digits is now correctly displayed.

• The Hint Panel can no longer display the same hint several times.

• Hint for scrolls repaired.

• Selections are now only nullified by right click if a movement command is given as a result.

• Freed heroes will no longer count as escaped in the stats.

• Satisfaction of heroes’ needs is already displayed in the GUI, when he makes his way to an interaction.

• Heroes cast no spells on or against goblins.

• Visual effect for magic shield now works for all monsters.

• Loot bags or heroes who land in objects after being chased off by goblins can be picked up again.

• Spells that don’t belong to the avatar now have correct tooltips.

• GUI texts that are too long are abbreviated with "...".

• Improvement of the detail overview for spawn points.

• Uncovered areas of a map can now disappear in the fog of war again.

• Tooltips in the Quickbar now work correctly.

• Removal of several minor bugs in the Main Menu.

• The field of view is now correctly displayed in the mini-map when zooming.

• Demolishing a pentagram by means of a keyboard button now also deletes the monsters belonging to it.

• Loss of soul energy is now displayed by floating numbers.

• Class division of heroes’ entrances is now displayed correctly.

• Improved stability when playing videos.

• Game now starts even without a sound card.

• Bugs related to the levelling of the avatar fixed.

• Names of side quests are now correctly displayed in the quest book.

• The Maya XXL chest now has a correct deive text.

• With the death or teleportation of the Dungeon Lord, all of his summoned minions are killed.

• Challenges relating to deleting gimmicks are now correctly calculated.

• Placement of wall gimmicks corrected.

• Removal of bugs relating to too many open handles when playing sounds.

• Problems relating to the selection of gimmicks and scrolls in the Quickbar and the minimal movement of the mouse was fixed.

• Bug that appeared when scrolls were activated too quickly was removed.

• Dungeon Lord teleports away from inaccessible areas to accessible ones.

• When building room gimmicks, rooms are now immediately coloured.

• Gimmicks can no longer be built into other gimmicks by quick clicking.

• Avatar can no longer build gimmicks during the execution of the spell "Through the eyes of the Lord".

• Several bugs connected to the playing of in-game sequences fixed.

• Flickering lights were removed from sequences.

• Projectiles now fly in a straight trajectory, independent of the underground.

• Now all gimmicks count for the challenge "Book Collector" and not just the capacity gimmicks.

• Dungeons now works with the current version of the Alienware m11x r1 Alien FX.

• Characters no longer have incorrect animations during and following sequences.

• Captured pentagrams can now always be demolished.

• Deive texts for coin basin fixed.

• Broken tooltip in the hero detail window fixed.

• When demolishing a room, the fill level display is now also removed.

• Heroes no longer attack enemies that are too far away.

• If the Dungeon Lord receives a movement command during a battle, he doesn’t immediately take up the combat with his former opponent again afterwards.

• Now all traps can also be built if objects are affixed to the reverse side of the wall.

• Goblins will also gather up heroes when they are in an inaccessible position.

• Keyboard command added for attacking the selected object.

• No more pauses possible in sequences.

• "Exorbitant Weapon Rack" can no longer be built into walls.

• In Snowdrop map, the fire angel now has the correct protective spell. Marthas and Volbar no longer use the Roundkick, since this harms the fire angel.

• Improvement of the opponent search in the battle logistics.

• Monsters no longer spawn in inaccessible objects.

• AI states can now be overwritten from Lua.

• GUI can now be ed with Lua.

• Roaming monsters can now also cast spells.

• Improvements to the animations for lower levels of detail.

• Open construction menu can no longer lead to juddering.

• When demolishing prestige gimmicks, the remaining prestige is now always calculated correctly.

• Avatar can no longer die after a heroes’ entrance.

• Rotating the camera with the right mouse button no longer cancels building actions.

• Clicking on Mana or Health displays centres the avatar.

• Heroes’ town portal now only lasts 30 seconds.

• Marthas returns to the throne room when the Dungeon Lord dies.

• Ordinary heroes’ entrances stop spawning when there are already 40 heroes in a Dungeon.

• Necromancer and Hell Champion are no longer over-powered.

• Improvement of the weapon selection in combat logistics.

• Picking on groundplane was improved.

• The attributes panel immediately displays changes in values.

• Pentagrams can now only be built with the appropriate population area, even if pentagrams of the same type have already been captured.

• Completed challenges no longer remain greyed out on the campaign map.

• Countdown for the arrival of a champion now only begins with the opening of a heroes’ gate.

• All challenges are now displayed in the campaign map.

• Challenge "Prince of Darkness" now only counts the gimmicks built by the player.

• The spell "Invisibility" will now also be interrupted by magical damage.

• In the Pleasant Creek map, the skill quest has been fixed.

• Yum-Yumville map no longer crashes if you win it without having a scroll.

• The Dungeon Lord no longer returns to attackers that have attacked him during a run command.

• In the Crystal Throne map, all dialogues are now correctly displayed.

• Music is no longer interrupted when entering or leaving a sequence.

• Tunnel logistics in maps enhanced with multiple levels.

• Priests no longer heal each other.

• Icons for the level 2 armoury interaction gimmicks fixed.

• If you hit "Esc" right at the beginning of a sequence, the game no longer crashes.

DLC pack


1. Золотая шахта

2. Литейный цех

3. Скрипторий

4. Статуя "Созерцатель"

5. Статуя "Демон"

6. Статуя повелителя подземелья

7. Статуя "Гигантский скорпион"

8. Статуя "Адская гончая"

9. Статуя "Бес"

10. Статуя "Шестиногий монстр"

11. Статуя безымянного героя

12. Статуя "Мистер Приспешник"

13. Статуя "Воин-скелет"

14. Статуя "Слизняк"

15. Статуя "Летучий змей"

16. Статуя "Летающий череп"

17. Статуя "Кердак Каин"

18. Статуя "Огненный червь"

19. Статуя "Гигантская лягушка"

20. Статуя гоблина-рабочего

21. Статуя "Демонический паук"

22. Статуя "Каменный страж"

23. Статуя "Летучая мышь"

24. Статуя "Крысолак"

Уровни со сценарием:

25. Обнимайка

26. Сладкосон

27. Неизвестное


28. Песочница Ахелоя

29. Песочница Алетейи

30. Песочница Евфросины

31. Катакомбы (песочница)

32. Песочница Эвроса

33. Песочница Нота

34. Песочница Карпо

35. Песочница Зефира

36. Песочница Борея

37. Песочница Гипноса

38. Песочница Каикиаса

39. Песочница Скирона

Уровни для режима "На выживание":

40. Мрачный источник

41. Улыбайберг

42. Каменные поля

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