Why Buy Certified Gems Stones
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Why Buy Certified Gems StonesGems stones are really deserved to be called the precious stones due to its vibrant colours, different cuts, and mystic effects. It is believed that it has a great role in making planet move in favor of the person who wears it. There is no any aspect of life which is untouched by it whether it is mental, spiritual, emotional, financial and physical. People understands its value so use to wear it sometime as pendant, Ring Stones or in jewelry so that they can keep pace with style as well as can take advantage of its power. For being so effective, Gems Stones must be naturally originated and not the lab created. To assure such reality, Gems and Precious Stones are certified.

Actually, certification of Gems and Precious Stones is very important to assure that these Ring Stones are genuine and deserved the price which has been paid for them.
Certification is actually a document issued by a gemological laboratory contains evaluation of the loose gemstones. It contains information like: weight in carats, type of cut, dimensions, color, refractive index, and origin and sometime the treatments too.

Certification of Precious Gemstones is beneficial because:
1. It assures the purity of Ring Stones.
2. It will assure second time buyer too about its authenticity and purity which will indirectly give you good sum of money at time of its resell.

But it does not mean that any certification is enough to assure its purity. Firstly, be sure that it is not issued from the seller side because in Gems market such self assured certificates have no value.

There are different types of certificates too on which its price is based that are mentioned below:

Basic Reports-It includes the information like: stone type, weight, size, shape, clarity, color and comments. It does not contain the treatment information and comes in size of a credit card with proper lamination.

Basic report with photo - It includes the same information as basic reports contains. It bears the photo of the stone being certified. AIGS, BGL etc. are such laboratories who offer basic reports with photo.

Standard Reports - It comprises information like type of stone, weight, cut, size/measurements, color, origin, identification of the species of gems, a comment section and treatment too. It comes in a sealed envelope having a plastic cover on the back so that stone can be well seen.

Full/total Gemstone Report - It embraces signature of the Gemologist and comes n form of a card. It notifies about the type of Stone, description, size, shape, weight, howlite magical properties color, clarity, proportion, finish grade, refractive index, specific gravity, variety & trade name, any treatments, and a photo of the Gemstone. It is the best type of certification so it is costly too.

I hope above facts have made you fully known about the benefits and importance of the certification. But, this article will be significant only if you will buy certified Gemstones from next time.

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