: Christopher Stevens Reviews Last Weekend's TV 
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: Christopher Stevens Reviews Last Weekend's TV Rating:
What we want from Euro-telly are weird conspiracy theories action-packed crime plots, dysfunctional middle-class families and lots of gore.
There are bonus points for minimalist furniture, adultery and chain-smoking.
BBC4's completely bonkers Spanish legal drama I Know Who You Are, which concluded on Saturday, delivered the lot.

It didn't so much arrive at an ending as get taken away in a straitjacket.
Filling its place is the deranged Valkyrien (Channel 4), about the aftermath of a bank heist gone bad. It's set in an underground railway station that doubles as a nuclear bunker and mad scientist's lair.

Jamie Bartlett (pictured) a journalist admitted that he spends five-and-a-quarter hours a day on his phone in Secrets Of Silicon Valley

Jamie and his trendy man-bun were in California, investigating how political lobbying firms use social media data to target ads and influence elections, one voter at a time.
A canny pollster offered to assess Jamie's personality, via computer analysis of his Facebook posts.

He duly reported that the presenter was ‘highly intelligent', a journalist and might have been raised Catholic.
That science is about as reliable as a palm-reading at a fairground. It's what fraudulent psychics call a ‘cold reading', but, of course, Jamie lapped it up.
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