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What Type Of Hat Is Abraham Lincoln Famous For Wearing? - Answers.comtop hat
He wore a Top Hat.

What type of hat was Abraham Lincoln famous for wearing?
Lincoln wore a stovepipe hat.

What type of hat is abaham Lincoln famous for wearing?
Lincoln was fond of wearing a top hat. It was referred to as a stovepipe hat, adding more height to his already formidable stature. The Smithsonian Institution Museum in Washington DC has an example on display.

What type of skills did Abraham Lincoln learn?
Abraham Lincoln was a practiced postman, logger, lawyer (he taught himself), politician, president, and so on.

What type of gun killed Abraham Lincoln?
A Derringer pistol

What is the type of rock for the Abraham Lincoln statue?
White Marble :)

What type of rock was use to make the Abraham Lincoln statue?
The statue of Abraham Lincoln is located in Potomac Park in Washington D.C. It is made of marble and limestone.

This type of small pistol was used to murder Abraham Lincoln?

Was Abraham Lincoln a melungeon with a Jewish mother?
Type your answer here... yes he was

What type of books did Abraham Lincoln love to read as a child?
Abraham Lincoln loved to read books about US Presidents as a child. He also liked reading about Greek Mythology.

What type of House did Abraham Lincoln live in as a child?
A log cabin. :P

What gun did Abraham Lincoln die of?
I believe you are asking what type of gun killed President Lincoln. It was a .44 caliber Derringer Pistol.

What type of animal symbol is mr Lincoln?
Abraham Lincoln was born in 1809, the year of the snake in the Chinese Zodiac. Hope that's the answer you were looking for.

What type of government did Abraham Lincoln speak about in the Gettysburg address?
A Democracy, "of the people, by the people, and for the people."

What book did Abraham Lincoln credit as cause of the civil war?
Type your answeuncle tom's cabin

What did Abraham Lincoln do for his nation?
He freed slaves with the Emancipation Proclamation, if you do not know what that is type the question: What is the Emancipation Proclamation?

Is Andrew Lincoln related to Abraham Lincoln?
nope. andrew was actually born with a different name i cant remember what it was but if u type his name in google or somewhere and biography it will tell u his last name but its not lincoln.

What circumstances surrounded the assassination of President Lincoln?
don't know, but you can website or website and type in your question. Many websites of Abraham Lincoln will pop up. Good luck finding it!

Why won't WikiAnswers let me ask a question?
If, after you type in a question, you are taken to a page as if you had just searched for it on Google or some other search engine, you didn't put your answer in the form of a question. For example, "Everything known about Abraham Lincoln" will take you to a search page. So will "Everything known about Abraham Lincoln?" You need to put it as "What is everything known about Abraham Lincoln?" If you...

What did Abraham Lincoln name his hat?
It was a stovepipe type but I don't think he had a pet name for it although someone will correct me if I'm wrong.

What type of gun did John Booth kill Abraham Lincoln with?
A .44 caliber derringer. A small pistol called a Philadelphia Derringer.

What type of bullet killed President Abraham Lincoln?
FBI reports that it was a .41 cal. ball fired through a .44 cal. Deringer. from an ak47

What type of music would Abraham Lincoln listen to?
Lincoln would have heard many of the folk songs that permeated rural America. He would also have been familiar with minstrel songs such as those written by Stephen Foster.

Did Abraham Lincoln win any type of awards?
He didnt actually have awards back then when he was alive. All he had was personal satisfaction and helpingreunite his team after civil war

What type of gun did john wikes booth use to assassinate us president abraham lincoln?
He used a pistol and shot a bullet clear through the president's head, which killed him.

What type of book is Team Of Rivals?
The genre of the book, Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln, is nonfiction. It was written by Doris Kearns Goodwin and published in the year 2005.

What type of debate is a Lincoln Douglas debate?
When Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas were both campaigning for the Illinois senate seat in 1858 they competed in a series of seven debates, where the main issue was slavery, later know as the Lincoln Douglas debates. In Speech and Debate, there is a category of debate known as the Lincoln Douglas Debates, or LD, and those debates are usually about morals.

What kind of gun was Abraham Lincoln was shot with?
Lincoln was shot with a .41 caliber single shot percussion pistol made by the Deringer Company of Philadelphia. This is the type commonly called a "ball and cap" pistol. It is on display in an exhibit at Ford's Theatre in Washington DC.

What type of leader was Abraham Lincoln?
This calls for an opinion, of course, but in my opinion, Lincoln was a strong leader. In his time, the Presidency was not as strong an office as it is today. He did many things that were unpopular at the time (suspending the right of habeas corpus), but all in an effort to successfully prosecute the war.

What d Abraham Lincoln like to do by firelight?
He would actually read a any type of book because he was always interested in reading different types of books no matter what type it was like, biography, cooking, etc; etc;. -Yulissa

What type of hair style did Abraham Lincoln have?
What he often had was crazy hair because of his hat all the time. But when he took a picture, he'd part it to the side that came down to the ears in the back.

What are some speeches Abraham Lincoln made?
gettys berg adress hope i helped i am only ten years old but if you go on stardoll.com and type in sola09 i am on there say you have seen my questions!

Was Abraham loncoln sick when he died?
Lincoln is thought to have had Cancer in his last few years due to his weight loss and it is thought that he had Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia or MEN 2B which is a type of thyroid problem.

What type of watch is Soap wearing in COD2?
He is wearing rolex. Tauch

What type of work did Lincoln do before he was President?
Abraham was a Lawyer and U.S. Representative. he also ran unsuccessfully for the Illinois legislature in 1832. Lincoln was losing interest in politics when the Kansas Nebraska act was passed by the Congress in 1854. He also fought for Texas in the Mexican war as a U.S. Representative.

Abraham Lincoln went to what university?
Please give me an to whether or not Abraham Lincoln attended university, and his educational background. I am in the 6th grade in Korea, and I need to make a presentation out of them, all about Lincon, and I need to find out about his educational background. Please, send me the source too, as I need to include that in. Thank You whoever is ing. Abraham Lincoln did not attend college. He taught himself

What type of oil does a 1998 Lincoln Continental use?
What type of oil does a 1998 Lincoln Continental use

Are Lincoln cars?
yes, there is a car type called Lincoln.

What color are the jeans you are wearing?
Type your answer here... you are wearing jean typed skinny jeans

What was Otzi the iceman wearing when he died?
otzi was wearing some type of goat coat.

Is slavery made up?
No. You can see actual pictures of slaves and what they went through online. Go to google and type in slavery. Besides, if it were made up, why did Abraham Lincoln have to do the Emancipation Proclamation? Seems a waste of time if there WERE no slaves...

Isn't there brain matter on Abraham Lincoln's pillow we could test and isn't he supposed to have had some kind of genetic disorder?
Abraham Lincoln\'s pillow does have blood stains and brain matter that can be used to test for genetic disorders, but access to it has not been granted. Geneticists suspect Lincoln had a condition known as known as multiple endocrine neoplasia type 2B (MEN2B). The chair he was sitting in, with blood stains, is on display at the Henry Ford Museum.

Is myocardial infraction a proper noun?
"Myocardial infarction" is the medical term for a specific type of heart attack. It is not a proper noun. Proper nouns are the names of people, places or things, and are normally capitalized, such as Abraham Lincoln, or Springfield, Illinois.

What type of sunglasses was Cynthia wearing while in Miami on the last episode?
She was wearing the latest gucci sunglasses..only Cynthia would be wearing those:)

What is a type of car that starts with L?
Lincoln Continental. Lincoln Town Car.

What is the wearing away by chemical reaction?
Oxidation would be one type of 'wearing away'. (Rust is oxidation of iron.)

Abraham paid tithes to?
Type your answer here... melchisadeck.

What type of poetry was Shakespeare famous for?
The type of poetry Shakespeare was famous for was Sonnets

What type of noun names a specific person place or N_n k_t thing or idea?
A proper noun is the name or title of a specific person, place, or thing. Examples: Abraham Lincoln (person) Brazil (place) Coca Cola (thing) "Diamonds Are Forever" (title)

What type of footwear is Cristina Perri wearing in her Jar Of Hearts video?
Looks like she's wearing combat boots.

What type of stone is the Lincoln monument made of?
The Lincoln Monument is made of marble stone from colorado.

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