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If the writer was looking for action thriller, omniscient or third would be the best point of view to work from; however if the writer was looking to explore the inner workings of a character, first person would give the reader the inside access to what, why and how the character thinks. While first is limited to what one character sees, feels and knows, third is a step backward to also include what is happening around the character. The information can be included even if the character isn‘t aware of the situation.

Pronouns are she, he, or they. But told in the first person, the reader would never know the true motivations or actions of the other characters. For example, if the main character is paranoid, she or he could see the others evil or a threat and act accordingly. What happens and when are the only details the reader is given. It is like watching a movie. There is no personal involvement. If omniscient has been chosen, everything is visual. Omniscient point of view is told from outside of all the characters.

Character and story development can be helped when the proper point of view is established and maintained. By choosing correctly, the writer can create drama and suspense or memorable characters that leave the reader satisfied. It can add a three dimension quality or limit the reader to a visual perspective only.

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Not to see Art that way is not to see Art, period. It’s like music, if you don’t dig what it is about, that inextricable thing: "the real thing", then, it’s like eating only the skin of a banana, letting go of its flesh. This, and no other thing is, if we may say so, what defines Art. The capability of getting trough matter to show us what is behind it. Here, there is no possible agreement. Here lies my fanaticism, inasmuch as we all are fanatics: I do believe in Art.

That it, therefore, must be connected to our private languages (=largely, our emotions) follows. Still, can we be sure that it MEANS the same to all its worshippers? Art resonates with our private languages precisely because it is a private language (of the artist). To interact with our private languages it must gain access to what hitherto has been a shrine accessed by a priesthood order of one, ourselves. Art is as unintelligible as any other private language. Its relationship to the emotions that it evokes in its beholder – is equal to the relationship between a trigger pulled and a wounded, aching soldier. That Art provokes emotions is undeniable. Yes, we are sealed off from ourselves as well. This is what we discover through Art. Rather it would be safer to assume that an object of art would mean different things to different people. The echoes of our very own languages perishing in the caverns of our minds. It resounds, it reverberates through us, in the process wounding us because it reminds us how IMPOSSIBLE it is to communicate, how absurd our existence is, how LONELY we are, how privileged our access is to a language which even we do not fully grasp or understand. The affinity provokes empathy and the latter is misinterpreted as understanding. Art demolishes the privileged access maxim.

Physical and emotional traits will help direct the attention not only of the character but the reader as well. Choosing which character will tell your story will also influence how the point of view will be expressed. Point of view could help the writer tell more about the main character and how she/he reacts to the environment.

Art can make possible this miracle, to search deeper inside us to meet these unknown feelings provoked by the artist. To look below our surface, to take stock of childhood and its innocent anarchy, to access collective memories and dreams, where the material is already indivisible.

What was his proposition? Did he see animals in the abstract? Why did that Altamira Cave man paint those animals, Why? Was he mad, as Vincent, did he see something different, that others didn't? To communicate his personal views? are there good and bad artists? Was it a kind of pastime, a diversion, a game? Moreover, can we measure it? The recognition of the public? was he the first person to think in the abstract, was he the first man? What defines a great work of art? In which way, its quantity or its quality? What's the meaning of it?

Order and discipline applied to tumult, chaos, havoc, disorder, anarchy, decadence (ultimately to death) – yield art. It is the spirit of God floating above the abyss, an act of creation, as detailed in Genesis. For where do we find greater order and discipline than in the martial arts (they earned their title – "arts" – not in vain)? You must not confuse the method with the content, the reagent with the substrate. And where do we find more devastation, maelstrom, turbulence and disintegration of form than in war, their subject matter? It is precisely this unnerving, unsettling, terrifying, melancholy, raging contrast that a great work of art makes. Order and discipline applied to order and discipline yield government regulations and other gobbledegook. Sam: Art is the picture of the spirit shackled, furiously battling, striving to unchain itself, rebelling against the form imposed on it, mutinously attempting to reflect the world – no, to BE the world – with all its chaotic pain, convulsive features, horrific beauty.As this new year dawned just a few days ago, our thoughts and heartfelt compassion were directed to all those souls caught up in the earthquake and tsunami. Today (January 4), the Washington Post reported the death toll at 140,000 and climbing. Certainly a human tragedy of unimaginable proportions.

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Thomas de Quincey, Baudelaire, Theophile Gautier, Byron, Orson Welles, Ernest Hemingway, Ken Kesey, William Blake, Walt Whitman, Mozart, Isaac Albeniz, Vincent Van Gogh, Edvard Munch, John Lenon, Camarin, Michaelangelo, Rimbaud, Gaudi, Dali, Jimi Hendrix, Federico Garcia Lorca, Holderlin, Woody Allen.

In a murder mystery the suspense in maintained as the detective unravels the clues and solves the crime. The omniscient point of view would only tell the reader that the character notices shoes. In addition to giving information, point of view can also create drama by restricting the flow of information. In the third person, the reader would not only learn why, but the difficulties, which arise from the behavior. Adults see more not only because of physical size but maturity brings awareness. A story told by a child will be more limited than one told by an adult. Children, on the other hand, bring a fresh awareness and an amazement that gives a unique perspective.

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Read his letters to Theo. The "madder" he got – the more diligent, industrious, hard working and disciplined he became. Also study the last two years – especially the last two months of his life.

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On the one hand, you admit that we are all trapped in our private hells, unable to communicate with each other except through massacres motivated by atavistic collective archetypes. Than, in a magnificent reversal, you say that Art is the communicative bridge. It is through it that we, poor, isolated, humans can march to meeting points where a deeper sort of information is provoked by the artist in the art consumer. You say that some experiences (drugs, for one) can not be communicated to the uninitiated. This is to say that Art is a universal language. He denied the possibility that private languages with privileged access exist. In other words, you seem to be saying that art is monovalent, it will provoke the same emotional reactions in its consumers regardless of their identity. Wittgenstein said as much about natural languages. But Art is the great dictionary which contains the vocabulary of the human condition. Moreover, you seem to claim that Art contains both a functional sample of the world and the rules of language (of connecting objects to its idiom). He wrote that even the speaker of a private language will not be able to understand it. Trapped as we are between the spirit and the flesh, between energy and matter, angels and demons, heaven and the hell which is our lives – Art comes to our help. Your version is softer: we all do have semi-private languages and a modicum of privileged access. Art, therefore, to you, is a liberating act. Sam: This was a long dissertation in favour of the possibility to communicate from the vantage points of private languages. It bandages our wounds, it talks to us in the ancient, unintelligible sounds of our
collective archetypes, it soothes us as our mothers did. It breaks through the glass containers of our very private existence which otherwise cannot be communicated benignly. I must say that I share your views with one modification, introduced by the "scientist" in me: there is no way of ascertaining that Art works. It then continues to offer to us the possibility to communicate with each other through its objects, really through the person (or shall I say, persona?

Shifting point of view is one of the most common mistakes writers make. Longer works can shift point of view as long as there is a definite break between them. Once a point of view has been established, especially in smaller works, it must be maintained through the entire piece. The reader would then know if the others were actually out to get the main character or if it was just a delusion. In the third person, the reader would know that the character thinks the others are out to harm her or him, however the angel on the shoulder would objectively show the others’ actions.My personal experience included learning how and doing it all
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), I'm going to share with you a few tips on the etiquette of tithing, that I've found helpful. Likewise we don't quite know what to do if someone refuses a tithe from us, or tithes back to us. This issue, rather than share another success story from a subscriber (keep 'em coming, though -- I enjoy reading about them and will share more in our next issue!

If you think everything is handled by computers that never make mistakes these days, you may be surprised to realize that people still sit on the other end of those computers. Mistakes are made every single day and the only way to catch them and prevent them from costing you money is to check your report personally.

Since when was it even 'the self-righteous thing to do' to destroy another's testimony? Others promote boycotting everything that isn't like us, hoping to hurt another's business, whether they have all the facts or not.

But it is not a necessary condition. Roberto: Admittedly, if we mix that powerful imagination, anarchy, with a superior order, then we surely will encounter the superior works of art: Shakespeare, Cervantes, Velazquez, Goya, Beethoven, Ernst Junger, Borges, Goethe, Leonardo, Brunelleschi.

You can talk about drug-addicts, their problems, you can talk about the effects of drugs on humans but you should never talk about drugs. But, one of the consequences is that they don’t know the meaning of luck. And, if we believe anthropologists, it seems to be impossible for them to understand its meaning. It is impossible to explain it in brief, it has to do with a change in the direction of the flow of time, with dreams and future-past. The Shu_ar men, commonly known as Jibaros, or the head-shrinkers, experience time completely differently from Western people. Same goes for drugs, or the mystical experience. When you talk about drugs, you talk from the mundane side of things.

I would be very surprised if there were many people who were NOT having the same difficulty that you are having! but here are some thoughts that I have run across which have brought some comfort to me, though I know that from a human perspective it is impossible to really understand such an event. Ultimately all of us have to find our own meaning in such an event.

I would also like to suggest that in spite of all the heartbreak we make every effort to maintain our own connections with our Divine Spirit in order to keep our own individual vibrations high. for this planet and each person and living being needs as much of this energy as can be directed here in this time and space reality. Assisting financially and sending prayers of love and light are ways that are available to most people. As to what all of us can do. again, it is a matter of individual inspiration.

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So, they click on links, again and again, utilizing company support ~ when it is really the stock holder who pays for it. Stealing to ease our conscience? Then there are those who either don't have the funds or don't want to financially support good deeds.

However it is very limited. The reader gets to know exactly what motivates the character--all the loves, fears, hopes, and thinking process. One character is known very well, however the others are only seen through the main character’s perspective. I and me are the main pronouns. First person is a story told from the main character’s point of view. The benefits include intimacy and a very full character development. Action that happens outside of the character’s knowledge is only known if another character shares the information.

I see none in childhood but fear and anxiety, egotism and the curiosity to serve it, cruelty and malignancy. Sam: I am evidently less a romantic than you, Roberto, for I see no art in children as I see no art in primitive people (in the psychological sense, not in the historical or anthropological meanings of the word "primitive"). They are manipulative Narcissists. To be an artist, one needs to die a little, to experience entropy, to be as barren as those rocks of our moon. Indeed, we grow out of it the same as we pull ourselves out of quicksands. One needs to combine that primordial fire with the cold formalisms of death. The mystical tradition of the Jews (the Cabbala) says that the first, most comprehensive and hitherto best, act of creation involved divine light which was poured into vessels (again, the incoherent into the orderly). These vessels – owing to a cosmic accident – broke. Forever in the throes of the Big Bang of their personalities, embroiled in searing heat, unable to see a thing for the brightness of their own formation. After all, our works of art are dead: letters are dead on dead, acidifying paper, paints decay, cloth frays and the greatest sculptures turn back to stone. Children are incapable of being artists.I have heard it said that both Mother Earth and all who live here are moving to a higher vibration of light and love and so some souls have decided to help with that transition from this side of the veil while others decided to assist in this change from the other side of the veil and so this may be one reason for such a mass exodus. and, for the same reason, there may be others in the future.

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Well established city accounts for the reason. There are exotic ocean front and beach front homes, overlooking vast seascape with private beach property. The population size usually stays the same as the frequency of people moving out is relatively low. There are nearly 23,000 residents who live in Laguna ocean view homes. It reflects the vibrant lifestyle of the place. There are many people living in other states who also plan to shift around these parts from time to time. Through several citywide renowned events, like art fairs, pageants and festivals, everyone experiences a fraction of each other’s lives. It is a haven for art lovers as there are numerous artists who live here and can be seen painting the beach, seascapes, and many of the city’s eminent architecture.

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Charity, being benevolent, means doing good or causing good to be done. 1: Be open and receptive to the gifts of time, talent and treasures that are offered to you. Today, much of this benevolent work is done through tax-deductible charities, but much is also still done through individuals with
no thought to the tax benefit. Tithes, donations, charity, whatever you call the blessings of your income, your time or your unique abilities, are acts of good. You participate in this wondrous flow every time you tip a street performer, or throw a house concert, or tithe to other creative individuals. These acts of charity brought attention to and provided support for the creative work they were doing. Our history is filled with "benefactors" who created trust funds or otherwise supported artists, musicians, composers, writers, teachers, ministers, rabbis, etc.

Are they status or is it a compulsion? In first person, the reader could learn what shoes mean to the character. Do they look down because they are emotionally stunted and afraid to meet others’ eyes or is it a physical defect? For example, if a character is always noticing other people’s shoes, they could be foot or shoe obsessed or they are always just looking down.

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This New Year's Day is indeed a day of mourning all across the world. The bells are tolling for those souls who are now living in the Light of Spirit. May they find the Light of Peace and live eternally in the Spirit of Joy.

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Roberto: If Art came from childhood, why must it require order, discipline. Are we not talking about Beauty? Why should wild horses be less beautiful than domestic ones? Is that not true, that a child is like a terra incognita, plenty of anarchy, great views of the upper lands? Is it not that every child is a little anarchist?The only way to ensure that your score is correct and there is no false information clouding your name, is to view credit report history for your social security number online. We have gone from times where your word and handshake meant everything to the current day where your credit score means everything. There is a lot more to worry about in today's financial world than ever before.

The reader wouldn’t know why, only that character is angry and aggressive when approached. If a character laughs or cries, the reader is told what they are doing, but not why they are doing it. Using the same example, the character could be shown staring at others and being hostile when approached.

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Accepting a tithe is another good deed. Often, people turn down tithes because they are afraid of appearing needy, and because we've had it drummed into our heads that you don't accept charity, or money, for doing good deeds. The woman was at a loss as to how she could accept the clothes, until I finally told her to take the proceeds and give them to a favored charity. Doing the good deed is supposed to be reward enough. I brought in some clothes to a fabulous secondhand store last week and told them that I didn't want to open up a consignment account, I just wanted to give them the clothes.

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The devastation and the loss of so many lives is incomprehensible to me. My gift to them is to send them my love in thought, word and action that will uplift their spirit and bring a sense of hope, and perhaps joy, back into their lives. Yet I am finding joy and comfort as I witness their loved ones who have survived rebuilding their lives and receiving so much love and support from all over the world. My tears flow for all of them, especially for the children. They are blessed, they are loved, they are our brothers and sisters and they are valued by loved ones and those of us who mourn them during this sacred moment in time. Yes, the bells are tolling all across Asia for these beautiful souls who have taken their journey to the higher worlds.

Later than evening, I received a tithe from Nellie and from my church. I was part of an unusual tithing situation last Tuesday that brought this home. I was so grateful for the unexpected tithe, and for how deeply I was moved during that evening's meditation, that I immediately tithed 10% of what I'd just received back to Nellie. For tithing is what we all do, all day, whether we know it or not. Sometimes, you will find that you spiritually feed each other. I spent some time with my wonderful spiritual mentor, Nellie, and tithed to her. Honor that with your tithes. Don't withhold them because you think it's "weird" to tithe back to someone who just tithed to you.

What is the dividing line? I have always been a bit of a dreamer, with a facility to imagine in the abstract, but years ago, when I began to read some poets, and other writers like Borges, J_nger, Neil Gaiman, something strange changed my view. Why did my sight get so clear? Was it something mystical, the beginning of madness? What happened to my eyes?Sometimes that’s a nice way to see how someone did something interesting or perhaps just as a learning tool. Notepad refuses to open and there is no error message or notification of any problem. All you need to do is go to Vide in the menu and choose View Source and Notepad will open and you will be presented with the source code for the page you are currently viewing in Internet Explorer. As some of you may know you can use Internet Explorer to view the contents of webpages, that is, to view the source code of the webpage. Usually this is caused by one of two problems. Sometimes, however, you will get nothing when you do this.

The view camera was one of the earliest photographic camera designs and among serious photographers and hobbyists is still very alive and well today.   Especially big in the current industry for film cameras is the 4x5 view camera  The quality of the photographs as well as the creative freedom offered are a couple of the many reasons for this.

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Anyway, I'm trying to get my head around the earthquake and tsunami. My children and I have offered prayers, and I find myself staring out at my incredibly flat back yard (I live in north Texas), straining to see something. What message does a sudden leap of so many souls bring? Other than money, how can I help? Every time I go to the computer, the death toll has jumped. Why am I here when they are not? Is anyone else having trouble like this? Is this but a preparation for a greater event? These are just some of the thoughts in my mind.

Depending on how many files you actually have in the Temporary Internet Items folder, this operation will take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes. If you are having this issue with viewing the source code of a web page, then the chances are you are going to have a 3-5 minute wait while the files are removed. This operation does not remove cookies from your computer - they too are stored in the Temporary Internet Items folder but you should not need to remove them.

We all have needs, we all have desires. I once had a conversation with a subscriber about making a mental shift in how we view tithes. ) view tithes as a handout or some sort of charity, which we view negatively, as if
needing something is a bad thing. Many people (and I've done it myself! By judging our needs as "bad" we subconsciously block our prosperity in subtle ways.

Plan well in advance and find out what your needs are, when making a decision for buying a home. You can select the design and the location you like easily depending on your budget. This will help save time, avoid unnecessary stress for your family and yourself, and can help the buyer find their dream home easily. Is there anyone who will actually live in the home to determine how big a house you need?

Probably I am mad, but what does it matter with ART? Where is the relationship between order, hard work, etc. I don’t know if it is schizophrenia, god’s gift or some other matter. and the Quality of ART? Was Vincent a calvinist man?

A camera with a lens really can't get much more basic than this. So a 4x5 view camera is what exactly?   Essentially it is comprised of a front standard, a rear standard, a set of bellows in between and a lens.   The film is contained for exposure in the back of the camera or the rear standard.   The shutter (which is usually inside most modern-day lenses) and the lens itself is mounted to the front standard. And the rear standard at the other end of the camera is where the film is held for exposure.   Obviously nearly all cameras possess more parts, particular later model cameras, but this is the basic layout.    though most people used to dealing with digicams would find a view camera somewhat complex, the truth is the complete opposite.

I'm going through a strange stage right now, and am not sure how to describe it. Sorry I've been so quiet; school got crazy and I've just been reading and absorbing. It's good, though, because it is resulting in growth.

Still I think that it misses the point. Sam: This is quite a list. It is a white flag in the ever raging war between the eye of the spirit and the eye of the flesh. Even the most prodigious and insane of writers must sit down, face the sharply limited piece of paper, write in reasonably straight lines and succumb to the most basic rules of grammar, of syntax, of meaning, of alliterative or other resonance. Art is the sad documentation of the capitulation of form to matter, of the subordination of the ethereal to the material. They are imposed, inherently, in the very choice to engage in a work of art. Art, by definition, is the surrender of the anarchical spirit to the dictatorship of the format. This is what I meant by order and discipline. A painter is limited to his rectangular piece of cloth or cardboard, to his paints, to the maxims of his language, however instagram private account viewer. Even the most deranged and non-calvinistic composer can use, as a maximum, the dodecaphonic scale. Working habits are a natural extension of these spatial and temporal constraints.  Let alone custom sizes, a few are 5x7, 11x14 and even 20x24.   But 4x5 film can, as opposed to many of the other options, be fairly readily found at most specialty shops and processed for less than a fortune. The size of the negative produced and the format of film utilized is four inches by 5 inches, thus where the 4x5  part of 4x5 view camera comes from.   There are quite a few format sizes of view cameras.

  The field camera is the chosen camera for most landscape photographers. Field cameras represent the second general variety of 4x5 view camera.   While a 4x5 field camera wants somewhat in movements it is normally far less weighty and simpler to deal with than a monorail.   Camera makers including Linhof have a good selection of field cameras.   It basically reverses the disadvantages and advantages of the monorail type camera.   Also, the field camera can usually be folded up to quite small proportions for convenient lugging around.

By using the assistance of a local guide or a realtor, it’s good to have a look at the community around. There are several options to choose from when you are thinking about a potential investment in the future in Laguna Beach Real Estate. As a professional is sure to know what they are doing. You can expect prices to differ a lot. This will help you choose the ideal option not just because of the house itself or the location where it is situated, but the kind of lifestyle and flavor of the community. Finding a reputed realtor in Laguna Beach is definitely an advantage when you are seeking out new options for beach front homes.

It is actually easier than you might imagine, since you are legally entitled to a free copy of your report each year from all three reporting credit agencies. You can read all three at once or you can get one and look at the others three or four months later. This leads to the main point of this article. How do you go about checking your own credit report?

I do take into account the fact that the
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The light dispersed, attached to the splinters of the shattered vessels. No, beauty has nothing to do with it. In its cold indifference lies the beauty that you are seeking. We are not talking about beauty – but about the law. This is what makes us children once more, awed by omnipotence and omniscience. Creation is the law – art one of its manifestations. Read Kafka, the most sublime and perfect of all writers. This awe lasts until we overcome this sensation, dare to be Gods again and to create, dare to engage in art. Anyhow it is in the eye of the beholder, a matter of judgement, of epoch, of cultural context, of tastes, too relative for art. This is the maddening thing, this apathy towards our individual fates, as though we were its slaves, not its creators. These are our souls: a measure light, a measure the mundane, a piece of broken vessel.

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

  This design employs a single track that  the front and rear standard are mounted and can be adjusted back and forth for focusing.   The disadvantage is that they are usually rather weighty and awkward as well as being a bit bulky for toting around.   This is the type of view camera that's often used in a photo studio. Monorail cameras are the first of these types.   Calumet is one company that makes mainly monorail  cameras   Monorail 4x5 cameras usually possess a far better range of movement and are more useful for making many types of delicate shots, not excluding macro photography, than the other major camera design.

First person is more intimate, yet it is also very limiting. Third person is a combination of the first two; third person is different from first by the pronouns used and how much information is available. The omniscient point of view sees all, yet feels nothing; there is no connection to the characters or reasons behind their actions. When determining what type of point of view the writer will be working from she/he must first consider what kind of feel she/he is looking for in the story.

Once again the pronouns are she, he, or they, but in this case when referring to the thoughts of the main character I or me can also be used. The angel knows what the character is feeling, thinking and seeing, but is also aware what is happening around the character even if the character doesn’t know. Third person point of view is described as having an angel sitting on the character’s shoulder.

In addition, unless the character is psychic, there is no way the main character can know what the other characters are thinking or feeling. Starting a new chapter is the most common way of shifting, however visual breaks within a chapter can be made with asterisks or other visual markers. If the writer chooses first person, the reader can not be given any information that character can not see, hear or feel. If the character doesn‘t know it, the reader can‘t either. Changing characters or getting inside other characters heads are also frequent errors writers make.Were Michelangelo’s later sculptures worse than his first ones, unfinished as they are? Mention to me, if you please, great works of art from the Calvinistic land: Le Confederation Helvetique. I love this country, my aunt is Swiss, but what great art works have come from Switzerland? Is it that my satanic images are just that?

Both of these options are flawed. Most people do have differences between reports because some businesses may not report to all three collecting agencies. You will miss something that could be important if you spread them out. If you spread your viewing of the three reports across the year, you may miss something that only shows up one of the reports.

On the other hand, the tangible or the external reality refers to the world that God created. He rules over all the creatures, events, and human beings. What is the nature of external reality the world around us? Besides from being tangible, external reality is also bounded.

At our Chief Joseph Discussion Group, one of our members asked some pretty sobering questions about this event. Questions, I’m sure, that are on the minds of many. All three postings are powerful and articulate. Two other of our members responded to her questions.

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If someone is tithing to you and you're worried that it's too much or it's too big of an item, or it's too much of their time to expect them to give, simply ask: "Are you sure? " If they say yes, then graciously accept their tithe so that all may prosper.

These tools are quite easy to use, and the information that can be gleaned from them is extremely valuable. The available resources include hot items by category, eBay Pulse, merchandising calendar, sales reports, marketplace research, buyer behavioral report, and the eBay solutions directory. The Data and Research tools are all accessible through your seller’s account, by clicking on the ‘Advance Selling’ link.

You fed my soul and I feel compelled to give you this gift. They both attempted to turn down the tithe and I simply said, "please don't stand in
the way of my prosperity. Please accept it graciously in the spirit in which it is being given. 2: Don't let others take your prosperity away by refusing your tithe (and don't refuse tithes that are offered you). " Simple words that carry a profound message. Several weeks ago I tithed directly to the soloist and the pianist (I'm blessed to get to listen to the incomparable Jazz pianist Stefan Scaggiari) at my home church. I'm often moved by incredible music.

How do we know what is right or wrong? Christians also base their moral reasoning on what is written on the Bible. As mentioned earlier, humans have the capacity to think. Humans also have a way reasoning and telling the right from wrong through conscience. He can gather information through various means and analyze that information.

None of all this affects Art. It has nothing to do with order or anarchy, with politics, with technical conditions, with perfection. With the sense that is hidden beyond the Wall of Time. With the secret of human beings, their inextricable condition of being in the middle between matter and energy. That is what touches our heart like a knife when we see a superior work of Art: it’s a promise, a shared secret. It’s the view which transcends "materia". It deals with the deepest reality. It is the View of Something, that artist, going up the Wall of Time , sharing this with us. It doesn't have to do with the "mundane", it’s just its opposite, the other side of the coin. Art does not depend on anything.

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3: Tap into the circular flow of tithing energy. We stop up our own prosperity and that of those around us when we react in fear or shame whether we're giving or receiving. We must give freely and receive freely
or we will put a bottleneck in the universal flow of energy. This goes for money energy as well as any other kind of energy. Energy must flow, in and around and through us or it becomes stagnant.

It is important that one is able to connect with a professional realtor and as a result connect with the community to understand the lifestyle of that area in a personal way. Making this connection will help you gain an absolutely delightful investment and you also will end up as one of the many residents who have become permanently established for decades.
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